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In addition to being an author, I am also a University lecturer. I completed a PhD (the University of Melbourne) in 2014 and have been teaching since 2015, winning multiple awards as an educator. I regularly give guest lectures on creative writing, Young Adult literature, writer motivation, and representation in books to a variety of audiences, including festivals, libraries, book clubs, classrooms and online workshops. As an immigrant, writing in English as a second language, I love talking about my author journey to inspire and mentor new talent.

My Young Adult novels are appropriate for the 12-18 age group, and I can tailor my presentations and activities to the audience as well as specific learning and teaching goals/curriculum. Teachers, please find this Teaching Resource for my debut novel, What the Woods Keep

My novels are genre-benders that explore the topics of identity, family, memory and trauma via mixed media formats. For example, my debut What The Woods Keep (2018) utilised ‘found documents’ to help unearth the multi-layered secrets of the protagonist’s complicated family, while my third book When Ghosts Call Us Home (2023) mixes social media and video transcripts with first-person narration to build suspense and create an immersive environment for the reader.

I am available for in-person* and virtual visits to schools, libraries, book clubs, festivals, and conferences for educators, librarians, writers and general audiences. Please reach out to me via email [katyadebecerraauthor [@]], if you’d like to schedule a visit (I will respond as soon as possible).

*I’m based in Melbourne and can generally travel within the metro area, as long as it is accessible via public transport. In-person travel is subject to availability as I have a full-time university job in addition to my writing commitments. Interstate travel is possible, at the cost of the organiser.

What’s available (reach out to discuss other options!)

Free classroom visit (45-minute, including reading and Q&A):
I offer free 45-minute virtual visits – I will talk about my writing journey and my books as well as my experience with the publishing industry. Ideally, the students are familiar with my work; however, my talks are accessible and engaging to all. Teachers and librarians, please feel free to reach out to discuss possible dates and what topics you would like me to focus on to align with your curriculum.

Free book club visit (30-minute including reading and Q&A):
I offer free 30-minute virtual visits for book clubs (teens or adults!) who have read one of my books. The virtual visit will include an introduction, a short reading from my book (or short story) of your choice, Q&A with the book club members, and (maybe) a sneak peak of my current work/next book! Book clubs, please email me with a few possible dates.

Exploring Young Adult Fiction – 45-minute presentation, including a self-paced creative writing exercise and Q&A; focused on history, developments and trends in YA, with examples and interesting facts, taking the audience on a journey of YA across the genres.

Representation & Critical Awareness in Creative Writing – 45-minute presentation, including a self-paced creative writing exercise and Q&A; focused on representation in creative writing, with a focus on Young Adult literature, grounded in reflective practice to master critical awareness in your own craft.

How to Read Like a Writer – 45-minute masterclass and Q&A; ideal for aspiring writers, with practical advice on how to improve your craft by reading like a writer.

Get Inspired by Your Favorite Published Books45-minute masterclass and Q&A; learn how to find inspiration and bring your creative writing ideas to life.

Putting a Spin on Familiar Tropes – 45-minute masterclass and Q&A; learn about tropes and how to reimagine them for inventive, fresh storytelling that is uniquely your own.

Breaking Into the Industry45-minute masterclass and Q&A; for writers keen to learn about entering and navigating the publishing industry.