Femme Fatales (Castle of Horror Anthology Vol. 6)

The theme is Femme Fatale—that beautiful and seductive temptress who is sure to cause disaster and destruction wherever she chooses to go. This time, for the Castle of Horror, we’re taking a dark peek into the mind of the female. These are horror stories from females, about females, edited by a female, each one featuring a clever twist on the femme fatale. Is she the villain or is she the hero? With everything from demons and snakes to taxidermy and strip poker, we’ve pulled together 16 tales that may leave you looking at your wife, your lover, your best friend, or just your next door neighbor, wondering “what is she really thinking?”

Featuring stories:

  • The Hunt by P. J. Hoover
  • The Thing That Happened to Andi Gold by Joy Preble
  • Do You Want to Live Forever? by Christina Berry
  • Preservation by Shelli Cornelison
  • Death by Snake by Jessica Lee Anderson
  • Welcome to Merciful by Bernadette Johnson
  • Poker by S. de Freitas
  • The Living and the Dead by Madeline Smoot
  • Marla Reinvented by Carmen Gray
  • Comfort Woman by Jess Hagemann
  • Why Not Ophelia? Britta Jensen
  • The Carpenters by N. Rodriguez
  • Roundup by Miracle Austin
  • Lovesome by Katya de Becerra
  • When Dreaming Ends by M.J. Addy
  • Maidel by Beth Kander