Katya de Becerra is the author of two genre-bending, critically acclaimed novels, What The Woods Keep and Oasis. Katya has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Melbourne and works at the Swinburne University of Technology, her research located at the intersections of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, creative writing practice, and the human dimensions of technological innovation. Katya’s short fiction and poetry appeared in The Antonym, Dark Edifice Literary Magazine, Dot Dot Dash, and other journals. She is a contributor to a recent Sherlock Holmes anthology, The Only One in the World with Clan Destine Press, and has short stories and novelettes included in various other anthologies. She is currently co-editing a curated horror anthology This Fresh Hell (Clan Destine Press, 2023). 

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Acknowledgement: the original version of this website was created by my friend Tracy, and for this I am very grateful <3

As I work to populate this FAQ section, please check out some additional content I have listed under Extras. You can read my short pieces, like essays and guest blog posts, as well as some interviews I gave. I have also interviewed several authors on my blog (the old one as well the one on this website). Here is the list:

Interview with Candace Robinson (author of Tin and other books) November 2021 (and also check out an older interview with Candace here!)

Interview with Claire L. Smith (author of Helena and other books) December 2020

Interview with Margot Harrison (author of The Glare and The Killer in Me) November 2020

Interview with Kristina Pérez to celebrate the release of Bright Raven Skies August 2020

Interview with A.J. Vrana, author of The Hollow Gods and The Echoed Realm June 2020

Interview with Diane Magras, author of The Mad Wolf’s Daughter and other books March 2018

Interview with Michelle Modesto, author of Revenge and the Wild April 2018

Interview with Maxine Kaplan, the author of The Accidental Bad Girl and Wench May 2018

Interview with S. Gonzales, author of The Law of Inertia and other books April 2018

Interview with Elizabeth Tammi (author of OUTRUN THE WIND) in which she also interviews me August 2018

Interview with Lucia DiStefano, award-winning author of Borrowed October 2018

Interview with Erin Cashman, author of Uncharted November 2018

Interview with Amelia Brunskill, author of The Window March 2019

Interview with Lauryn April, author of Into The Deep and other books August 2015

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