Emporium of Superstition: an Anthology of Old Wives’ Tales

Heed the warnings, or you could be next.

A society of Old Wives comes together in this collection of suspenseful stories. In between these pages, twelve authors draw on ancient tales your grandmothers warned you about. From demons living amongst humans, to ghosts lurking in the shadows, and even gods looming above, these recountings will surely inspire a fright.

Open the book, turn the page, for it may be the last thing you do.

Emporium of Superstition is an anthology full of superstition, suspense, and horror. If you love Survive the Night by Riley Sager, Stephen King, Joe Hill and American Horror Story, then you’ll not want to miss this thrilling collection.

Contributing authors: Elle Beaumont, Katya de Becerra, Theresa Braun, Christis Christie, Jessica Cranberry, Meg Dailey, Marlena Frank, Kristin Jacques, C. Vonzale Lewis, Candace Robinson, Leslie Rush, D.M. Siciliano

"From cats stealing your breath, to the misfortune of cracked mirrors, this tricky little trove of bite-sized horrors is candy for the superstitious, and will quench the craving for a Halloween treat."
- A.G. Howard, best-selling author of the Splintered Series
"This gorgeous, epic tome of dark fantasy and horror tales is absolutely unforgettable. Featuring established authors like Theresa Braun and Candace Robinson along with a number of promising newcomers, this book takes you on a journey through magic and the macabre. You don't want to miss Emporium of Superstition. It's sure to be one of the best anthologies of the year." 
- Gwendolyn Kiste, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Rust Maidens and Reluctant Immortals
"In this enthralling collection, we explore the darkest tales from “the old wives”, for example, the dangerous shadow creatures that we are warned about as children and the powerful gods that watch over our every move. What results is a fascinating anthology that gels together beautifully in the sweet spot between cautionary tales, horror, and fantasy... For fans of the likes of Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and Darren Shan, there’s an enjoyably macabre beauty to the works presented in this fine collection." 
- Readers' Favorite